Here’s a Mini-Documentary About the Party Scene at James Madison University

by 8 years ago

Other colleges to get Shmacked:

About the project: I'm Shmacked is a book / movie project doc*menting the experience of a weekend at twenty of the best and biggest universities around the United States being pitched to all major publishers and studios. They will be traveling to a different school every few days until the summer break. In the upcoming weeks and will be tackling a new school every four days hitting major events like Boulder for 420, Indiana for Little 5, Miami for Ultra Festival, Tulane for Mardi Gras, Penn State for State Patties Day, and much more. They might be coming to a school near you! Their schedule isn't completely booked yet and they are casually taking requests via Facebook / Twitter. In the producer's own words, “The purpose of the film is to travel to the top party schools across the nation and choose one student to spend at least three days with, doc*ment the experience and visually capture the social aspect of the college and the pure essence that makes that college what it is. The project is lead by Jeffrie Ray and Arya Toufanian.

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