I’m Shmacked Went to University of Delaware, A Car-Burning Riot Ensued (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: A U Del Student writes: 

Hey man, so basically last night imshmacked starts tweeting and shit that ther coming and want to party hop, its fraternity dry period rn bc of rush so [redacted] was the only house to step up, so literally packs of hundreds of people roll up to [redacted] shit faced and start raging, it breaks up and those people plus people heading to the party and other drunk kids on the street start forming this giant crowd and start chanting and yelling and next think uk cars are burning and all traffic stops for the mob of thousands. It makes its way down main street and a barrage of cops, literally 50 cars from here and other counties take over main street with riot shit and k9 units, everyone screaming fuck the police and what not and theres kids getting arrested and titties flying everywhere. The mob starts breaking up as more and more units start arriving but it lasted a good while and was probably the most fucking wild monday night any party school could have. 


And another long video:

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