This College Bro Lost The ‘Iron Stomach Challenge’ In Best/Worst Way Imaginable



This is video from the Iron Stomach challenge at the University College Dublin. According to the post on YouTube, these are the rules.

Iron Stomach Rules: 
– Eat and drink what you are given.
– If you vomit you are out.
– Last one to throw up wins the iron stomach.
– Weak stomach pussies need not apply.

Ok, I made up that last rule…

I can bring myself to do a lot of stupid shit, but I could never do something like this. I hold back puke just watching people eating gross shit. Hell, I can’t even eat dinner at the same table as someone who ordered fish cooked in the way where it comes out whole, head and all.

This college kid in the video below has a far more iron stomach than most, but he apparently lost his shit while trying to eat a catfood sandwich. Then he lost his balance. Then the magic happened.

On the bright side, no one ever remembers the guy who came in second place. But the guy who came 7th and fell off the stage, landing into an almost inescapable pit of spit and vomit…OH YEAH, we remember that motherfucker. So, this is kind of a win.