‘Jersey Shore’ Costumes Now Available at Ricky’s; Plus, 5 More Terrible Options at the Megastore

by 8 years ago

Halloween has historically been a fantastic holiday for bros. Who doesn't love a holiday that is basically a free pass for chicks to be a sl*tty bunny/cat/mouse/cowgirl/firefighter/whatever? But something always has to come along to ruin it. This year, you can actually dress up as one of the loathsome guidos/guidettes from “Jersey Shore.” I don't even want to see those people in real life, and I definitely don't want 500 Snookis and Situations around me on any day of the year. But Ricky's, the one-stop shop for Halloween costumes throughout New York City (and online), won't stop there. In fact, here are some of the more awful options that they're offering this year:

Sexy Shooter and Tequila
I don't think any girl wants to get with the felt bottle of bad decisions.

Silicone Envy
Being the guy with b**bs is never a good look.

Strip Search Ken I Seymour
Going as a reminder of the worst part of air travel is probably going to get you very little action. Why don't you just go as campus patrol?

Olive Oyl
If I wanted this costume, I'd go as “substitute high school English teacher.” Probably get about that amount of play.

Any of the Teletubbies

There is no way to redeem yourself after wearing this costume. I don't think people love being reminded of a show from their childhood with creepy asexual aliens on a planet run by some baby sun god. But if you think it'll get laughs, go ahead. Be that guy.

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