Hottie Kicked Out Of College Gym For ‘Revealing Attire’ And This Is TOTAL BULLSHIT, Not Revealing At All

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Washington and Lee University student Helen H. is making headlines after sharing her story of getting booted from the campus gym for wearing a ‘revealing top’. This story is absolutely infuriating because while this chick looks great in her outfit there’s nothing whatsoever ‘revealing’ about it, in fact I’m pretty sure an outfit like this would fly at the gym of a Catholic high school. Before we get to the story she shared of getting kicked TF out of Washington and Lee’s student gym let’s take a look at her outfit, shall we?

The student picture above reached out on Twitter to the website Total Sorority Move to tell her story of getting booted from the Washington and Lee gym. She shared her story in the form of a note, a note which you can see right here. Let me just forewarn you though, her story will probably raise your blood pressure more than a little:

By all objective metrics Washington And Lee University student Helen Hinds appears to be a cute girl. She has the figure of a woman that works out on the regular and likes to stay in shape. I cannot go into detail on her body though because the image above is simple NOT revealing at all. In fact all I can really tell is that she’s rocking a thigh gap and looks good in yoga pants, but to be fair 99.99% of women alive look great in yoga pants.

Real talk: what the fuck is wrong with people these days? Since when can a girl not show the tiniest amount of skin possible at the gym? During my days at FSU I’m fairly certain that girls could’ve gone topless to the gym and no one would’ve said a goddamn thing.

Also, according to TSM this experience was was so jarring the girl was almost sent to tears:

As I left the gym, I had to fight back tears. As I was leaving the gym I bumped into a boy headed there who is known for his revealing tank tops. I wondered if he would be kicked out like I had been.

Again I ask: what the fuck is wrong with people these days?

For more on this story you can follow the links above and head on over to Total Sorority Move.

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