9 Last-Minute Spring Break Deals

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A buddy of mine asked me if we could highlight some deals for those who haven't made their plans yet. Just because you weren't like the girls (who booked three years ago), doesn't mean you'll be stuck on Butthole Island at a dude fest. You shouldn't stress if a place isn't five stars — this isn't your summer house on Nantucket or Hilton Head; this is a room made for cheap beer and margarita-drunk snatch. Zero of these companies paid us to write about them, and all prices can change depending on home airport and whether or not you take a rowboat to the island. Grab your Costa del Mars and Guy Harvey, book a trip, and hit the sand.

1. South Padre Island, Texas

Price: $749–999 (airfare & condo)

Details: Here
In case you don't know South Padre, think: Texas State girls, kegs legal on the beach, in the United States. I have two buddies from Ireland who hit this up and took down a whole bevy of birds. Chicks from random schools in the Southwest love this destination, which means one thing: they will never know you or your reputation. This is an enclave where you can smash it up. Highly recommended. Don't forget rubbers.

2. Panama City, Florida

Price: $275–$550

Details: Here

Another American hotspot. The most rad (though mostly disgusting) Spring Break place on the East Coast. This is a Bud Diesel–killing, thong=bikini, Florida State babe area. You should be able to white wash more than a few co-ed faces down here. No joke, a lot of sororities pile into their 4Runners and hit this spot in droves. If you're from a school near Panama City, don't go there: we are trying to fool these girls. A lot of these sites are going to give you “club passes,” which you should assume won't do shit when you're in line. Everyone will have one. Grease the bouncer, or just rage at local bars, which are still packed with ass (and non-Guido dudes).

3. Negril, Jamaica

Price: $700 and up

Details: Here

By the time you are grabbing your bag from the carousel the locals are trying to push chronic on you. The “gardener” at one of my buddy's hotel was really just a beer/weed getter. Apart from the weed, the babes usually are on fire because these trips get locked in early. Super smokey babes plan ahead where they want to get their boxes lit up.

4. Cancun, Mexico

Price: CHEAP as shit.

Details: Here

Cancun. Did you just get turned on? You should. Babes from Ole' Miss, Alabama, Wisconsin, and a shit load of Cali schools definitely frequent here. Cancun is the typical Spring Break spot with bad decisions. Since it's in Mexico you won't want to drink the Mexican spring water, so you'll just be crushing fratty lights.

5. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Price: All inclusive $650 and up

Details: Here

Just saying “Punta Cana” sounds like I'm saying something Spanish for blow job. Most of the hotels in Punta Cana are all-inclusive: best. thing. ever. Sure you can't order “shots,” but anything on the rocks is the same shit. El Presidente (the only beer that will be on tap) is fine for at least nine hours. I wouldn't recommend traipsing to some dumb club here (trust me: your friends will try to make you). Slay ass at your hotel or roam the endless string of hotels on the beach, something will fall or kneel at your feet.

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6. Cabo San Lucas

Price: $619 a person and up

Details: Here

First of all, Cabo was recently listed by the BBC as not cartel territory, so don't worry about being target practice for the drug movers. Cabo is where the Spring Break money train goes. Lots of trust-fund babies, which means beautiful open tabs everywhere. You should definitely put in work at the Cabo Wabo Cantina, home of tons of no-shirted women by 2 a.m.


7. U.S. Virgin Islands

Price: $979 and up

Details: Here
Don't have a passport? Don't want to go to Florida? Here's your spot. USVI is a little more relaxed, a good place to go with a ball and chain (girlfriend), since you probably won't be boo-coup Cancun drunk with tons of co-eds. The islands are beautiful and there are some epic trails to hike and solid scuba diving. Check out the Wyndham on St. Thomas.


8. Paradise Island, Bahamas

Price: $789 and up

Details: Here
This deal is for the “Harbour Resort,” which is NOT Atlantis, which is in the background of the photo above. The pictures may look sweet, but it's just a mash of college kids who got tricked into thinking they were at Atlantis. However, it's still hot shit. Lots of pent-up people in there. Some girls I know went there two years ago and the stories were X-rated enough to make me put it on the list. Don't forget, this shit is all-inclusive so order tons of bourbon on the rocks.


9. Breckenridge, Colorado

Price: $550 and up

Details: Here
Looking to shred the slopes for Spring Break? Never a bad decision. Hit the slopes, possibly rip a bowl, relax in the jacuzzi, and then go look for some spicy snow bunneys. Definitely don't underrate the cold Spring Break. Very few all-inclusive options, but the local watering holes aren't bad.

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