Loud Sex Leaves Everyone in Dorm Butthurt; Soap Opera Ends Up on Reddit (Pics)

by 7 years ago

No idea what school this is from. Perhaps you know? The thread gets even better. In the thread, Redditor GreeneRockets puts it all in context, which adds a whole new dimension to the dorm floor drama. Real or fake?:

This girl I know lives in a dorm hall with a bunch of chicks. She posted a facebook status about a week ago complaining about the crazy sex these two people had the floor above her. She says they're really loud, dramatic, theatrical, etc. and they keep her up all night anytime they fuck. Apparently “Tony” climaxes faster when they do an*l, all the while this girl is yelling “ohhh tonnyyy..F**K ME in the A*$!”, so my friend finds herself HOPING for tony to f**k this girl in the butt so she can get to sleep earlier. So the part that gets cut off on the first note reads:

Sincerely, Prays for an*l when super tired

You're Welcome.

Oh… College.

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