LA News Station Reporting on the Flooding of UCLA’s Campus Get’s Pranked by Man Named ‘Louis Slungpue’

Yesterday, a 93-year-old water pipe exploded near UCLA’s campus. For almost four hours, the pipe unrelentingly flowed and flowed, causing major flooding on the school’s campus, including Pauley Pavilion and Drake Stadium. ABC 7 News was all over the story. So much so that they took a call from a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Municipal utility agency. His name was Louis Slungpue. Louis SLUNG-POO.
Miraculously, the news anchors never caught on, even after female anchor went as far as repeating the name after Slungpue initially said it. The ABC 7 graphics department put the name on the screen. The call went on for 2-minutes, which leads me to believe that either no one at ABC 7 News has a fucking clue, or…nope…nope…they’re all fucking idiots. That’s the only explanation here.