LSU Bro Stood In Front Of His Class With A Sex Doll And Gave A Speech On ‘How To Seduce Women’

It takes moxie to stand up in front of your class and talk about ANYTHING, let alone try to teach them how to seduce women. Of course, that’s easy for me to say, I abhor public speaking with the fire of a thousand post-wipe hemorrhoids. I know you’re supposed to face your fears head on and shit, but I avoid talking in front of people at all costs. Probably why I do this for a living. One of the perks of the job is that it really allows me to avoid most human interaction. #Blessed #SoBlessed

Anyway, this “How To Seduce Women” presentation happened in an LSU speech class (which I should have taken in college) and although he is giving intentionally terrible advice, I have to give this dude a “B+” here. It would have been an “A” but he came out of the gates shaky for the first minute or two. Solid effort either way.

[H/T Reader email AKA the bro who gave the speech]

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