College Lacrosse Players Host ‘Cowboys And Nav-hoes’ Party, You Can Guess How That Turned Out

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Mars Hill University Men’s Lacrosse team is in hot water for throwing a “Cowboys and Nava-hoes” theme party. That raises the obvious question of: Why are people are always in hot water over this shit? Cold water would be so much more unpleasant.

According to Indian Country Today Media Network 

In August, Mars Hill University Lacrosse Team Players hosted an off-campus party that was loosely themed as a “Cowboy and Nav-hoe’s” party. Though at first no students on the North Carolina school’s Lacrosse team would admit the blunder, former Native American Student Organization President Katlin Bradley has confirmed the allegations as the truth.

Bradley says she was surprised that of all the sports teams, the Lacrosse Players would hold such an event. “Lacrosse is a game with Mohawk origins that is similar to the Cherokee game they play in my tribe.” Bradley is an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee.

Additionally Madison Crowe – Miss Cherokee 2014 had learned of the “Cowboys and Nav-hoe’s” party because several students posted photographs on Instagram and anonymously insulted Native Americans on ‘Yik Yak.

When Bradley posted she was offended by the Cowboy and Nav-hoes Party – Anonymous responses on Yik Yak included, “It’s pretty offensive when we see you all wearing the “white men” clothing too.” And “Stop having a pity party, Duh it’s okay. Grow Up. Stop Looking for pity.”

This theme party has people outraged, because obviously it does. It’s 2014, you can’t do anything without pissing off another human being. I don’t know where people get the energy or time to care about all this shit. But yes, we live in an age where you can no longer dress up somewhat offensively like you could throughout the rest of human history, and, as such, the Lacrosse team should have been smart enough to realize this. Especially since this has happened at countless other schools over the last few years.

I’ll tell you what this is. It’s another prime example of why my proposed college course SHIT YOU DON’T DO 101 should be given to all first semester freshman. It would solve 90% of the world’s problems.


Indian Country Today

[H/T Reader email via ICTMN, Screen caps via Madison Crowe]

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