My spring break experiance in South Padre Texas

by 7 years ago

All the MTV spring break documentaries and movies always seemed so unreal

and “best case scenario” and I have came to the realization that it is

in fact nothing like that. It is a million times better! From the first

day of drinking from 9am-4pm with over 25,000 other students from all

over the country in the hot yet opulent Texas sun, first night of

banging a chick on the dance floor of Louie’s, to the last night filled

with naked body shots,drugs, and 4-sums I could not help but to think

that I had died and gone to my own little heaven. Not once during the

whole trip did I have feelings of disappointment, regret, or anger, but

constant thoughts of happiness, gratefulness, and paramount. I saw more

female Breast and bro dick to last me a lifetime, and drank enough Natty

to fill up an Olympic sized pool. Last
week I made the type of memories that are worthy enough to share with
the world but have to be reminisced through whispers between a select
few. The type of memories that even with being told time and time again
to the poor souls who did not get to experience such chaos, you will
never be able to fathom. Ive grown closer with my friends though a

adhesive of liquor and laughter and wouldn’t give them up for anything

in the world.

I’m running on about 10 hours of total sleep

since last Friday and need to schedule a couple blood and urine tests

for next week, but at least I can rest peacefully now knowing that I survived a spring break in South Padre Texas.