Do You Need To Be Jacked In College To Get Girls?

by 4 years ago

What do girls want in 2015?

It’s 2015, kale is somehow still hanging in there, people wanna be healthy, and they want their hookups to be healthy too. Ladies everywhere are hitting the gym like it’s their job, and feminist, body-positive marketing techniques like this video from Sport UK are just further fuel for the fire—fire referring to, of course, the fire under women’s asses to get better asses because it’ll make them happier.

Now, women are getting fit, and they’re starting to expect that their male counterparts do the same. Sure, sure, at any frat party there probably are at least a few girls who don’t give a fuck, but across the board women are raising their expectations for the fitness level of dudes they possibly might hook up with.

Case in point, a dude who threw his way-less-hot-bro under the hot bus just to get more swipes on Tinder.


Bros are even abandoning their fellow dudes left and right just for the chance to attract a hot srat star who hits the gym on the reg and takes spin classes like candy.

But is it worth it? Is getting swole, choking down some whey protein and sweating your way through leg day really going to get you more ladies? Or should you just let yourself go, and embrace the dad bod that is becoming increasingly a thing, probably because dudes everywhere are realizing that working out is hard, and interferes with their lifestyle of spending maximum free time drinking and playing corn hole (that counts as exercise, right?).

Personality, across the board, is king. Being respectful and nice is the single most important thing when trying to talk to women. At the same time, exercising is a kind of investment in yourself and puts the image across that you care about your body and your health, which bodes well for you being able to invest yourself in her and your potential relationship. At the same time, if you’re gunning for a quick hook up, looking good (including dressing appropriately) really does matter, because it will help separate you from the crowd of bros also looking to hit it.

Putting it simply, girls are attracted to guys who can show dedication to something. For many bros out there, working out just may not be the thing that’s keeping you up late at night, but whether it’s shooting for that elusive honors program, or being a kick-ass president of your frat or club, girls will appreciate the dedication, whether or not you work to get swole.

You can still make jokes about not skipping leg day, regardless of what you do.

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