Ohio University Bro Nearly Kills Himself After Falling From High Up In A Tree During High Fest


An Ohio University bro is lucky his spine is still intact after an ugly fall from a tree during High Fest yesterday. According to Now That’s College, the dude was climbing the tree to retrieve a Nerf football that was lodged in a branch. Someone who witnessed the fall said that following his harsh meeting with the earth, the dude got up after a couple minutes, chugged a beer, and was seen getting bent at a bar a couple hours later. “Glad the branches broke my fall,” he said, his face swollen. I’d not want to be in the trenches with that spotter, who decided mid-fall that he wasn’t that great of friends with the dude who was close to murdering himself. It’s all good, bro, buy the dude a couple beers at the bar and call it even for sitting on the sideline while he nearly spent the rest of his life eating through a tube.

[h/t Now That’s College – IG]