Oregon State Porn Star Kendra Sunderland Got An Offer From BangYouLater.com And Here’s Her Acceptance Video

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Oregon State Porn Star Kendra Sunderland has been a busy, busy girl lately. From throwing up scantily clad selfies on Instagram to making videos where she tries to give blowjobs to pizza delivery boys, Kendra’s been trying to blossom a career for herself out of the whole “Oops I got in trouble of masturbating in the Oregon State campus library” situation. Oh yeah, about that. She got charged with public indecency for the video which carries a fine of almost $7,000 and possibly a year in jail. Now I don’t know about you guys, but when I was in college I didn’t have a casual $7k sitting around in my bank account for be to fuck around with. I don’t think Kendra does either.

But it looks like girlfriend’s hot streak isn’t up yet, since BangYouLater.com has offered to pay off the total lump sum of the fine which wound up being $6,250.

“We at BangYouLater applaud Ms. Sunderland’s act of playful exhibitionism. What kind of society deliberately stifles such a harmless moment of beatific self-indulgence? Given that she was never caught or discovered during her, um… performance, no one can really claim to have been negatively affected by it. Like the old adage about the tree that falls in an unpopulated forest. It’s a shame that she is being punished for simply flaunting her sexual nature. In addition to the criminal record, Kendra faces a lofty $6,250 fine for enjoying herself in public. So we’ve decided to pay that fine,” stated BangYouLater’s Public Relations Manager.

Via AVN Business

Yeah okay, you’re paying her legal fees because you “applaud” public masturbation, not because you’re looking for free publicity and possibly a new recruit to add to your website. But who am I to judge? I barely have $4.75 in my checking account, let alone $6,250…then again I haven’t made a habit of jerking off in public places, so it looks like my $4.75 can be safely spent elsewhere rather than on legal fines.

Oh, and she made an acceptance video, because that’s something that was totally necessary.

Oh, did I mention that Kendra has her own website too? It’s pretty shitty.

Make sure to send her ideas on how to pay off her legal fees, because ideas like “get a job” are for losers who keep their clothes on in public.

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