‘PCB Flashers’ Is A Spring Break Twitter Account You Need To Follow, Because HOLY SHIT IT’S NUTS

I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that social media was only in its infancy when I was Spring Breaking my dick off. The world may be much better off because of technology, but some things never need to be seen by millions of people. Those things include all the sins I committed in college and seeing some random college girl, laying on Panama City Beach, getting eaten out by a dude while a crowd of people watch.

Yes, that is a thing I just saw on PCB Flashers twitter account. More photos from everything they’re catching below, but head to their account to see the NSFW nonsense going down at Spring Break in PCB this year. Muff dives and all. It’s a full spread, folks.


Do you see the reaction of the guy in the background? Now you do.