This Penn State Bro’s Pregame Hype Speech Before The Big 10 Championship Brings A Tear To My Eye


As a very proud Penn State grad with a lot of Penn State DNA running through my veins, my Saturday was a top 10 day of my last five years. I can’t remember the last time I woke up on a game day singing “Fight On State” immediately when my feet hit the floor — The 2005 Orange Bowl year, my freshman year? The Daryll Clark years toward the end of my college career? Before the Penn State – ‘Bama game on September 10, 2011, one of the last big Happy Valley weekends before a very dark curtain was cast over the program? After Penn State beat Michigan in an absolutely garbage football quadruple overtime game in 2013?

You get the point. Saturday felt important. What James Franklin has done in Happy Valley this season was nothing short of thrilling to watch. In fact, it’s been straight reinvigorating. I was at the Michigan State game the previous weekend for a little homecoming with friends + family and kept the momentum rolling all the way until Saturday night. My hype for the Big 10 championship win was off the charts all day long Saturday.

Which brings us to this video submitted from a loyal BroBible reader. The guy delivering the speech is a Bro named Ben Baken. I don’t know him, but we share a diploma from the same land grant university and that means he’s fucking fam to me. Gathered in Indy for the game, he delivered a legendary hype video to his fellow fraternity brothers from all around the country.

“We’re gonna drink, we’re gonna talk to girls. I want you feeling confident. I want you to have a swagger about you. And when we get in that stadium, we go fucking nuts for the Nittany Lions because we are part of the team. You make noise on first down, you make noise on second down, you make noise on third down, and if they’re going for it on fourth, you take your fucking pants off.”

Those words need to live here on BroBible forever because they pretty much embody, in a nutshell, what we’ve been about since 2009.

All time great hype speech, Ben. Perfect delivery. I hope you got an A++ in CAS 100, which really should include speeches about addressing the squad in such a William Wallace manner.

I don’t even know this dude and I’m going to watch this the next time I need to get jazzed up for something — a big meeting, presentation, date, interview, night out, ordering a chicken parm for lunch… whatever.

We are, baby. We are.