Penn State Records Second-Highest Donation Total in History

by 6 years ago

The $208 million came from 191,000 total donors, including 75,500 alumni. This is an increase from two straight years of slight declines, according to the AP:

The school said Monday there was a slight uptick in the number of alumni who donated money or gifts in the fiscal year that ended June 30 to more than 75,500, reversing two years of slight declines.

“We're very grateful – humbled really – to have this kind of response from Penn Staters, who I think have rallied to the cause … by the side of the institution through a very difficult time,” Rod Kirsch, senior vice president for development and alumni relations, said Monday in an interview.


The $208 million came primarly from big donors—the average gift was around $1,089 if my math serves me right. 

Which brings me to the $1 million question: Did anyone really expect this?

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