Penn State Sorority Girl Drops Federal Lawsuit Against Roommate For Bringing Back Boys, Playing Loud Music And Bullying

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Molly Brownstein (left) and Rachel Lader (right)


Molly Brownstein (left) and Rachel Lader (right)

Rising Penn State senior Rachel Lader, a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, has dropped her lawsuit against Molly Brownstein in which she claimed breach-of-contract and defamation. Originally claiming that Brownstein’s parents had used their influence as active alumnae donors to force a disciplinary investigation against Lader that eventually led to her being put on academic probation, the pair’s falling out began when they were studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, last spring. Claiming that Leder was a bully, Brownstein and her parents argued that it had gotten so bad that she had thoughts of suicide:

‘Rachel bullied me to the point where I had to leave in the middle of the night in an area where people get stabbed outside my building,’ Brownstein wrote in a memo that Lader, who aspires to be a lawyer once she finishes school, included in her lawsuit.

‘Whenever I think about it, it brings me to a full on terrible place and makes me completely depressed.’

In the memo, Brownstein and her parents alleged that Lader brought a male back to a shared hotel room on a trip to Prague that forced Brownstein to find another place to stay, played music too loudly in their Barcelona apartment and dumped a colander full of pasta onto Brownstein’s bed.

In an eight-page memo titled ‘A Mother’s Perspective’, Brownstein’s mother claimed that Lader actively attempted to leave behind her daughter and even excluded her on a trip to Copenhagen.

…’In the sorority, it is generally understood that you do not cross Rachel Lader – better to pretend to be her friend, than be her enemy,’ Brownstein’s mother wrote in the memo.

‘The other girls were frankly scared of Rachel.’(via)

Lader denied the allegations, countering by saying that she was the real victim, and that the Brownsteins had used their connections within the university to try to “ruin” her academic record.

As for Brownstein’s claim that she had been bullied by Leder while abroad, Leder says that Brownstein was the one who excluded herself from being around the other roommates in the apartment, and that the boy she brought back one night was in fact just a friend from high school who had gotten locked out of his own apartment:

Lader says the male slept on the couch during his stay.

In terms of the colander full of pasta being dumped on Brownstein’s bed, Lader denies doing so. But she admitted to putting an empty colander in her bed to suggest that Brownstein was not doing her share of housework.(via)

The lawsuit against Brownstein, however, has since been dropped as the girls have reportedly “hugged and made up.” In a statement to Daily Mail, Marc Brownstein explained that the girls are “back to focusing on their education, and enjoying their senior year of college” and that “The suit’s been resolved. Everything is all good, they’re living together and everything’s all good.”

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