Phi Delt At Texas Tech Had A ‘No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal’ Banner And A Vagina Sprinkler At A Party

by 5 years ago


If you somehow made it through four years of college without being sprayed in the face by a giant cardboard vagina at a hurricane party, you were doing something wrong. Good thing today’s college kids have Phi Delta Theta at Texas Tech to help make sure everyone’s college experience is chock full of female genitalia sprinklers.



But a squirting vagina isn’t a squirting vagina without a rapey message written in blood-red paint to go with it, am I right?




Oh good, I was almost afraid for a second that we’d managed to go a full day without a Fraternity doing something stupid and getting themselves in trouble. Congratulations on being that frat of the day, Phi Delt.

[H/T and images via Total Frat Move]

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