All’s Well That Enemas Well: The Fraternity That Made Butt Chugging Famous Allowed Back At Tennessee

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The list of triumphant returns, Jesus to Jerusalem, McArthur to the Philippines, just got one name longer: Pi Kappa Alpha is coming back to the University of Tennessee.

Long, long ago, back in 2012, the school closed Pike when a member was hospitalized with a .45 blood alcohol level after receiving a wine enema. That’s right. These were the Bros who brought butt chugging mainstream.

It only cost them their charter.

The fraternity recently completed the process of reapplying for a chapter and is now recruiting members to be up and running by the spring semester.

Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students Melissa Shivers spoke with the UT Daily Beacon about the decision.

“We do believe that once organizations have served the particular violation, and then they have also found a way to meet the expectations of the university, when they are ready to come back, and we as the university certainly believe they are still certainly an important function and aspect of our community; we work hard to make sure that those chapters feel like this is a good place for them.”

“They are here on campus for the next couple of months, recruiting new members. The hope is to have a functioning chapter in the spring, but they will not move into the fraternity house (until) the following academic year.”

The interim director of Sorority and Fraternity Life, Kelly Phillips, said she was happy with how Pike went about the reinstatement process.

“One of the things that has impressed me about this return is just the very well thought out process of not getting ahead of themselves, and making sure that the men that are a part of this chapter understand what it means for all of these ideals of their fraternity.”

Good for them! I can’t wait to see what drinking game that causes a minor national pandemic they come up with next.

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