Do You Say ‘Pre-Gaming’ or ‘Pre-Funking’?

Dude if this is REALLY a site for Bro's the for God's sake PLEASE STOP SAYING PRE-GAME INSTEAD OF PRE-FUNK on the hookup heroes!!! I mean seriously are you guys from England or something???? Here's a little tip…. NOBODY IN THE U.S.A. SAY'S PRE-GAME. When guys are getting wasted before they go out EVERYONE KNOWS IT'S CALLED PRE-FUNKING!!!

Whoever the Editor is NEEDS TO BE SERIOUSLY SHOT IN THE FACE. Stop fucking saying that shit you make it sound like a fucking fag is writing these stories. So clearly it's some dumbfuck doing all the editing. IT'S PRE-FUNK GODDAMNIT!!!! Everytime I read Pregame this site just loses credibility. NOBODY SAYS PRE-GAME. LIKE EVER. GOT IT???????? Thanks.


First: Suck a dick. Second: what does the Bromunnity think? I personally have never heard of pre-funking, and I have heard of a lot. If I'm being honest, I think this windbag is just trying to get something to catch on, similar to how some people in BroBible version 1.0 wanted “Chaying” to be a “thing.” 

If you're not familiar with Chaying, one might say you might NEED TO BE SERIOUSLY SHOT IN THE FACE, but here is the definition anyway: The ultimate form of hanging out. Also, extreme, excessive indulgence, usually during daylight hours – debauchery and revelry. And here it is used in a sentence: Frank was chaying in the park, red cup in hand, when he stumbled through a group of fourth graders playing dodge ball and got the cops called on him. (Thank you to the one person who was so compelled by the BroBible chaying movement that he put that in Urban Dictionary. Heroes come in all forms, gang.)

So which is it, Bros: Pre-gaming or Pre-funking? Please edify us.