SAE Fraternity At Michigan State Made A Tumblr Making Fun Of Sorority Tumblrs And It’s Perfect

Sorority Tumblrs were all the rage last year. So much so that we eventually had to start covering them because every single sorority girl in the country kept sending their chapter’s Tumblr to us. Now we’re all over the hot, sorority recruitment videos beat that drives our readers crazy.

The brothers of Michigan State’s SAE Fraternity at made a hilarious Tumblr mocking all those sorority Tumblrs. It includes all the trademarks of sorority girl basicness: Inspirational quotes, heavily-filtered pics of their lunch, shots of the brothers throwing up hand signs on spring break, groups of dudes doing the sorority squat, etc. It’s pretty much a perfect parody, right down to the background music selection (“Miracles Happen”) and pics like this:

You make it too easy, ladies. Here are some of the highlights: