BroBible Wants You To Send In Your Spring Party Stories, Photos, and Videos

by 9 years ago

Over the last few months we've asked BroBible readers to sound off about their favorite college spring parties. Now that spring has finally sprung, we're looking forward to featuring these legendary, marathon day chays as special dispatches as exclusive stories in the BroBible Buzz. Right now we're looking for correspondents willing to share juicy and debaucherous stories accompanied by a handful of photos from your school's craziest spring party. Ideally, we're want photos that fall into two simple categories, both of which start with a “B”: booze and babes (see above). If you or your friends have any cinematography skills, we'd love to have some video footage of the revelry as well. Please make sure you have the permission to photograph or record each person beforehand, and the permission to then post those photos and videos up on the site. your short write-up, photos, and videos will be featured on BroBible Buzz if selected by our editors. If you're all tee-ed up and ready to go, send your post to In exchange for your effort, we'll send you some nice BroBible swag. Just in case you're in the dark about the type of photos we're looking for, we've provided five examples after the jump.


All photos via Double Viking'sHotties In The Wild, which you should be checking every day for awesomness.