Remember Sig Ep’s $5 Million Frat House at Virginia Tech? Well They Just Lost It… (UPDATE)


UPDATE 11:40 PM EST: A reader wrote us explaining why Sig Ep allegedly lost their house. Key word, allegedly: 

None of the sites say why Sig Ep lost their house. I have a lot of friends at VT and my girlfriend is involved in Greek life there. Sig Ep lost the house because they stole another frats composite pictures (I wanna say it was Fiji's) and used them for target practice with rifles. Pretty funny story actually. It would be pretty easy to make a typical VT joke with material like this if that's what you're in to. Anyways, they've been aware that they were losing the house for months now (I think I found out about the story in February). I remembered when you guys posted the original article about Sig Ep's new house at VT I was already aware that they had lost the house. Just figured you bros might want to know the reason why. Keep up the good work. 


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