This Sorority Girl From The University Of Utah Is The Spitting Image Of Taylor Swift But ‘With A Bigger Rack/Boobs’

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Keitra Jane is a 21-year-old Chi Omega at the University of Utah who is consistently mistaken for Taylor Swift, with people even going so far as to mistake her cat for Taylor’s cat Meredith. While resembling Taylor has been all fun and games for a few years, after starring in the music video for Alex Boye’s “African Hipster” Keitra discovered the ugly side of being a lookalike on the Internet: the commenters.

‘My friends kept sending me photos of these comments that would say just inappropriate things like “Taylor with a bigger rack/boobs,”‘ Keitra told ‘One comment caught my eye. It said “a fatter Taylor Swift.”‘

The comment hit Keitra particularly hard as, she told the publication, she suffers from body dysmorphia and only a few years earlier had been 30 pounds lighter thanks to bulimia and anorexia – something she had learned to overcome with the help of loved ones.

‘I’ve always been taller than most of my peers but being called fat just hurt,’ she said.(via)

But rather than stay quiet and let all the hate that’s been brewing down deep in her soul silently bubble up until it resulted in a casual case of attempted murder, Keitra versus the commenter, she decided to respond:

Fuck yeah Keitra – fuck the haters, fuck the commenters, in fact go ahead and fuck just about everybody. Most people are real shitbags who deserve to get called out for being stupid idiots on the Internet anyway, and besides, that guy’s got something wrong with his eyesight: Keitra is fucking STUNNING, regardless of whether or not she resembles a certain blonde pop star.

Taylor Swift Meets Look-Alike Fan
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