This Horrible, $50,000 Statue May Get TCU’s Student Body President Impeached

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The statue not only causes children to burst into tears upon seeing it, it may get TCU student body president Brent Folan impeached. TCU's student newspaper reported yesterday that the student government is scrambling to place blame for the travesty on someone, with several members claiming that Folan approved the statue without putting it to a vote. Folan says a vote occurred.

Impeachment charges were brought up Tuesday night.

Folan, responding to criticism for a lack of transparency on funding the $50,000 bronze SuperFrog statue on the first floor of the Brown-Lupton University Union, said: “I’m very proud of all the accomplishments we’ve had as a Cabinet.”

Folan has previously said the correct channels were used to approve the statue at a Student Body Cabinet meeting on April 9. During the Tuesday meeting he said “based on the [Student Body Code] and the constitution, we did nothing wrong. We voted as a Cabinet.”

Both SGA vice presidents have said there was an internal Cabinet discussion over the statue at that meeting, but no procedural vote occurred.


Our view: Don't impeach Folan. It takes balls to approve something like this without even putting it to vote. You want your student body president to have cajones so big he can't sit down on that bench.

Just make sure he doesn't find a career as an art critic.

H/T: Deadspin

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