Super PAC Created by GW Students Wants Congress to Solve Problems Over Beer

by 8 years ago

“In college we solve our differences by sitting down and having a beer,” said Daniel Bassali, the co-founder of Slam Dunks, Fireworks and Eagles. “I don't think our congressmen are too proud to accept a collegiate approach to deficit reduction.”

It was that collegiate approach that led Bassali to create his Super PAC in the first place. After the Federal Election Commission approved his political action committee, Bassali said he “really didn't know where to go with it.”

But over cold Bud Light Bassali, who said he “leans to the right” on the political spectrum, and his roommate and Super PAC co-founder Winslow Marshall, who “leans to the left,” decided the one thing they could agree on was the vital need for deficit reduction.

The catalyst to that compromise: a nice cold brewski.

This initiative may sound a bit whacky at first glance, but its most certainly intriguing. And if we're talking about actionable goals and solutions, they're certianly there. Its tough to find elements more powerful than the human one, something that's undoubtedly cultivated when bonding over booze.

“I know it sounds like a silly concept, I know the name is silly, I know the concept is silly, but we are still very serious about it nonetheless,” Bassali said. “It's so crazy it might actually work.”

All in all, this is definitely a “refreshing” initiative. 

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