This Is All the Swag Google, Microsoft and Intel Summer Interns Got this Year


This past weekend a Google intern posted all the free shit he/she got during his/her stint at the company on Reddit. As you can see above, it’s kind of a lot of stuff. Enough stuff that no matter what this person does with the rest of their life, they will probably always be reminded of that summer they spent at Google, doing whatever people at Google do all day. Not a bad move by Google, they pay you for a summer and you become a walking billboard for life.

As a response to that photo being posted, a few other interns joined the party. A Microsoft intern decided to be a one-upper by posting all of his/her summer swag. And me thinks Microsoft won the battle, unless that Xbox One box was empty when they got it.


And here is what Intel, the clear loser in all of this, handed out to its interns.

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