Watch Texas A&M Go Nuts for Johnny Manziel’s Heisman Win

by 7 years ago

This is a perfect opportunity to espouse a theory I have which is related to “Friday Night Lights.” Something weird, I've noticed, has happened to fans of this lowly-rated program that went off the air in 2010. It sometimes comes back to you in a very strong way. And I don't think it's because we remember the characters so fondly, or because we keep rewatching the episodes.

It's the fucking Explosions in the Sky music.

If you never caught FNL, you should know that a large portion of its background music is by Explosions in the Sky, and that the show did a masterful job of connecting the plot's emotional high points to the rising action in the all-instrumental band's songs. And because Explosions in the Sky was so consistently used to do bring out these feelings, a song by the band has become a sensory memory trigger for the show.

The effect this creates has proven to be really long-lasting. I can be ironing a pair of pants, and if an Explosions in the Sky song comes on, I have to stop for a minute and ponder my relationships with my family and the meaning of existence. It's absurd. If the right song comes on, I'm like a guy who's been hypnotized and hears a noise and is forced to start clucking like a chicken. I try to avoid the band now.

So, bottom line: Any FNL fan who watches this Johnny Manziel video, which is set to Explosions in the Sky, will immediately become a Johnny Football fan for life.

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