DISTURBING: Video From Texas State University Shows A Man Punching A Girl In The Face In The Streets Of San Marcos

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A pretty disturbing video has gone viral on the Yeti Campus app down at Texas State. The video shows a college-age guy in an argument with a girl before coldcocking her in the face with a punch. We’re not really sure what the story is here or if the guy was arrested afterwards, but we certainly hope he was. It takes a real low-life piece of scum to hit a woman.

If you know anything about what was going on in this incident, drop an e-mail to brandon [at] brobible.com. Confidentiality is ensured.

UPDATE: The person in San Marcos who filmed this video just e-mailed me to provide details. Apparently this escalated into a full-out brawl. If you have video, e-mail me at the address above.

First off, it was not a normal night on the square especially for a Tuesday. It was way more crowded and not filled with the normal “Dollar Dos” crowd. Where people get cheap drinks and usually not too drunk because they have class on Wednesday. Usually a good fun crowd, but for some reason a large amount of people were there and trashed and starting shit. Pretty much all of the bars were closing and as people were leaving Nephews things got heated. Pushing and shoving started then punches were being thrown left and right. It was the strangest thing there were literally 8 fights at once before the brawl. And it seemed like a lot of these were just because guys got mixed in with some girls fighting but others were just jumping in left and right. It almost seemed as if some people were just looking for a reason to fight.

After a little bit of this I see some girl named Jessica (…I know her name because her friends were yelling at her) swinging on literally anything in her way, her friends, random people then the guy she started arguing with. After a few seconds she starts swinging on the guy and he looked as if he was kinda dazed then out of no where pops her in the jaw. Luckily for her she didn’t fall mostly because there was a little 3 foot or so barrier that kept her up. We all were shocked and it seemed as if the girl who got decked friends didn’t care she got clocked. Right after that happened a complete brawl took place. Maybe around 50 people were fighting left and right.

I was posted up next to a tree waiting for it to die down. I just tore my meniscus due to a sports injury and on crutches so I wasn’t worried about someone swinging on me. Middle of the brawl 6 cop cars pull up with tasers and people are being tased and detained left and right. Also the guy who hit the girl dipped out right after the swing. No one in the area knew who he was and it was weird because no one was with him at the time of the incident.

Shortly after the video started going viral on Yeti, people started responding.

Some of the responses from Texas State are straight awful and actually defending the scumbag.

This whole thing could have probably been avoided if someone had put their phone down and restrained the guy. Hard to believe there aren’t any reports out of San Marcos about this guy being arrested for assault yet. Stay tuned.

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