The 17 T-Shirts Every College Student Owns (Part 2)

by 8 years ago

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The Freshman Dorm T-Shirt

This T-shirt is smack in the middle because of its cycle. First, you get the tee, and you and all of your freshman Bros proudly show your dorm pride. A few weeks into classes, the shirt becomes lame for the next three years. But senior year, it's suddenly very cool to represent your freshman roots; plus, it's that much closer to the vintage tee.?

The Bookstore T-Shirt

The most basic model of T-shirt — college name and logo — from the campus bookstore. Every student has one, and you'll wear it forever. You buy it your senior year of high school to show off where you're going, then kind of awkwardly wear it around campus and over Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks (in case in that time anyone forgot where you go), and when you graduate, it's your ultimate souvenir (besides the diploma, but you can't wear that).?

The Midnight Breakfast T-Shirt

You have been studying for hours in that godforsaken library. You deserve some pancakes and a T-shirt, dammit.?

The Last Day of Classes T-Shirt

A bittersweet reminder that you're headed home to live with your parents again and rage with your high school Bros.? For those who don't have LDOC, a Danceathon, Undie Run, or their campus-wide event ilk all count.

The Orientation T-Shirt

Like a target on your back. If you want everyone to know you're a freshman, you can always just wear your lanyard around your neck all year and walk around in a giant group with a campus map. (This also fits into the cycle, since once you're an upperclassman, it's kind of cool to wear it again. Just never as a freshman).?

The Credit Cards/Banks T-Shirt

You're 18 now, so these banks and credit card people are all up on you to sign your life and money away to them. But so they don't seem like the evil money suckers that they are, they give you a T-shirt! Be warned, you take that shirt, they'll take your credit score. But take the T-shirt anyway; it's a life-saver when you don't want to do your laundry.?

?The “College” T-Shirt

We get it. You've seen “Animal House.” Stop wearing the 'effing shirt.

Click here to see the first part of 17 T-Shirts Every College Student Owns…

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