The 21 Most Cliche Dorm-Room Posters (Part 2)

by 9 years ago

50s Throwback Posters

This guy is…

Lame. These novelty posters suck about as much as the people who waste money on them.

Johnny Cash's Middle Finger


This Guy Is…

The token guy on every dorm floor who plays the guitar. Whether or not it actually works at getting him laid has yet to be determined. Nothing wrong with that, though! At least until he starts a band in the second semester and they practice in the study room.



This guy is…

Jerking off to Emmanuelle Chriqui pics. “Entourage” was the tits… six years ago. Yet, you know exactly what this guy will be doing at 10:30 on Sunday night for most of the fall semester. Back in the day, “Entourage” consumed us with bold Ari Gold performances and Johnny Drama catchphrases, but the lackluster plotlines of the last few seasons sort of ruined the ride for us. Sadly, thanks to the declining quality of the show, “Entourage” posters have probably lost some of their wall art street cred these days. Hey, at least we'll have a movie? *fart noises*

“The Perfect Wave”


This guy is…

An adrenaline junkie (or a poseur). If he's legit, he's one of the few people on your dorm floor who spends his hungover Sunday Fundays paddle boarding, back country skiing, or rappelling off a 400-foot granite cliff.



This guy is…

Your go-to source for decent party music.

“Wedding Crashers” Rules


This guy is…

Typically a Bro and, more importantly, knows how to tactfully deliver a clutch movie line at the drop of a hat. If you're bringing your B-game at a party and getting denied and/or cock-blocked on an off-night, don't be discouraged! He's the guy who reminds you “Rule #4 — No one goes home alone” at just the right moment before pointing you in the direction of the last girl on the dance floor who doesn't have her tongue lodged in another guy's mouth.

“Justification for a Higher Education”


This guy is…

An idiot? Or maybe just a first-generation college student with serious delusions of grandeur. This poster has been on college campuses for decades, mostly as a material motivational mechanism to remind you that someday, when you're 50, you'll finally be able to pay off those couple-hundred-thousand dollars of student loans before sending your own tikes off to college. Reality check: If you really think your bachelor's degree alone is going to earn you prime beachfront real estate and a five-car garage stocked with exotic European sports cars, you're going to be pretty damn disappointed in four years when you're still living in your parent's basement after graduation, begging them to buy you boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch so your unemployed ass can eat breakfast before a busy day of blitzing resumes to uninterested HR departments.

“Pulp Fiction”


A blockbuster on two feet. Tarantino posters are usually a pretty good sign that the owner has an impressive library of DVDs or downloaded movies.

The Free Football Schedule Poster


This guy is…

Broke as hell, but also a rabid sports fan who's not afraid to show school pride. This is the guy on your floor only wears your school colors and skips classes to camp out for games. Don't speak ill about your school's marquee sports team unless you want to get on his bad side.

Hot Model Swimsuit Posters


This Guy Is…

Talking about his A-list dream girl. Although always a staple in any Bro's dorm room, posters with beautiful women go in and out of vogue faster than “Bros Icing Bros” and “Live Strong” bracelets. One year it's Brooklyn Decker. The next year it's Marissa Miller. This year it's Kate Upton. Your best bet is just to go with the free one that's included with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendar every year. If you want the full monty, there's no shame in pinning up Playboy's latest centerfold angel.



This guy is…

A frosh. John Belushi chugging Jack Daniels straight out of the bottle with an American flag in the background is a trans-generational homage to the best damn four years of your life. Not only is it the Mona Lisa of dorm-room decor, but it's also arguably the most ubiquitous college poster of all time. As I see it, it's nothing short of masterpiece.

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