The University of San Diego Really, Really Wants the World to Know How Hard It Parties

by 4 years ago

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I’ve got to give mad props to the students at the University of San Diego. Over the past two weeks, they’ve recorded all sorts of videos to capture our attention of their legendary day parties around Mission Beach. It’s been an impressive showing, one that will certainly be reflected on our Best Party Schools 2014 list come April.

Earlier this month we posted scenes from their Jamaica Block Party, which made me instantly jealous since I was freezing my ass off in the Northeast. Yesterday J.Camm posted a picture of a day drink filled with drunk coeds dancing and dumping bottles of Andre all over each other. Quite the scene. Now the most recent video to hit our inbox from Sunny San Diego is another recap of the weekend’s festivities. It’s not quite as exciting as the previous efforts (mostly because it seems to be a Red Bull product-placement hack job), but still, shows you that this school knows how to live.

Your move, SDSU. USD is making your state school ass look like a bunch of amateurs.

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