These 50 Colleges All Cost Over $60,000 Per Year. SIXTY. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. HOLY SHIT

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From the moment my kid (who doesn’t exist yet, by the way) can understand words, there is one message that I’m going to sear into his goddamn brain: It’s full-ride or bust, son!

There is no way I’m not retiring just so my kid(s) can go to college twenty years from now. NO WAY IN HELL. I’m suffering through life for my pot of golf (yes, GOLF) at the end of the rainbow, not so my idiot kids can memorize their way through college, not learning jack shit like I did. If I have two kids who both wind up not being worthy of academic scholarships (and let’s be honest…) that means, at a minimum — if prices flatline right here — someone will have to pay $480,000 to put them through college. JESUS CHRIST.

/schedules vasectomy

The tuition of these schools isn’t quite $60,000 yet, but Business Insider came up with these numbers by “examining the average cost of tuition, fees, room, and board that an incoming student would face over the 2014-15 academic year.”

And if you don’t think this upward trend in costs is going to continue, the number went from nine colleges costing over $60K last year to fifty this year. FIFTY.


colleges over 60k list

[H/T Business Insider]



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