32 Things About College that Every Student Loves

1) Going out on the weekend in large packs of people, but doing the walk of shame by yourself the next morning.

2) Majoring in business. Everyone else is just wasting their time.

3) Thirsty Thursdays or other such named college-focused bar specials.

4) Getting extensions on papers, projects, and other assignments.

5) Facebook status updates about how listening to Mariah Carey and downing Red Bull are the only things that kept you alive during Reading Week.

6) Adderall.

7) Hooking up in a public area on campus. The library stacks are the best place to do this — so I’ve heard — because almost no one is there late at night, especially not on the upper floors or in the call numbers nobody ever goes to, like Medieval literature.

8) Skipping class.

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