This Hot University Of Iowa Sorority Girl Was Arrested For Drunkenly Urinating All Over The Floor Of A Yogurt Shop

by 3 years ago


Piss happens. No one knows that better than me. But there are rules to the drunk piss game. You have to keep your shit in check if you’re awake and indoors and not sleep walking beyond your control. You can’t just be aloof about it an piss wherever your want. You got to be civilized for Christ’s sake.

Jestine Rands, a 20-year-old Chi Omega sister at the University of Iowa, failed to respect those boundaries when she dropped trou and pissed all over the floor at Yotopia, AKA “Iowa City’s Original FroYo,” at 7pm on a Saturday night. Hellacious day drinking sesh, huh, Jest?


According to The Smoking Gun:

Rands, cops reported, smelled of booze, was “slurring her speech,” and had “bloodshot watery eyes.” Rands, who had an empty flask that smelled of alcohol, allegedly gave cops false information, claiming that her driver’s license was actually that of a friend.

When not attending classes and urinating in froyo joints, the college junior serves as “New Member Educator” for the Chi Omega sorority. Earlier this month, Rands helped organize the sorority’s “Bid Day,” which welcomed 61 new members to the Chi Omega chapter.

Yeah…we’ve all done worse. And anyone who says otherwise is a liar or a fuckin’ dork. #FreeJestine

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