Ultimate Theme Party #1: At Roanoke College, Aphrodisiacs for All

by 9 years ago

BroBible headed down to Salem, Va., two weeks ago to crown the first winner of their Ultimate Theme Party contest. The winning submission was an “Aphrodisiac Theme” which came from PLB of Roanoke College. The buzz for the party was so crazy in advance that the school got tipped off by an anonymous frat and they notified the local police. But that didn't stop the festivities from going down. DJ Mighty Ror was an animal on the 1's and 2's and a great time was had by all. Roanoke is a really fun school and the chicks are top notch. Next stop is the Luau at Vanderbilt on Saturday, April 24. After the jump, a few pictures from the weekend down in Roanoke.


Aphrodisiacs: Chocolate-covered strawberries, wine, oysters, and, of course, Big K-Aristocrat rum and cokes.