This Bro Is The ‘Supervisor Of Morale’ For UNC’s Football Team And He Just CRUSHED His Interview On ESPNU



Meet Caleb Pressley, a current student and former student-athlete at the University of North Carolina. Pressley is the holder of the most nonsensical, yet totally awesome, job in college football. His role for the Tarheels football team is the “Supervisor or Morale.” Although I can’t really explain what he does using words, I’m going to try.

From what I can tell, all that being the “Supervisor or Morale” consists of is him acting like a jackass on campus, wearing NFL jerseys to college games, and probably sleeping with every girl on sorority row. So yeah, nice work if you can get it.

On top of boosting morale, Pressley is the guy UNC turns to when they want someone to absolutely demolish an interview. This one he did today, with ESPNU, will leave you thinking, “I love this kid” and also, “the fuck did I just watch?” It takes a real special bro to pull that off. Masterfully done, Caleb.