University of Arizona Alpha Phis Are Straight Beautiful Stunpieces In This New Music Video

by 3 years ago

Alright the Alpha Phi sorority at University of Arizona is no doubt killing it with its glaring display of sheer sexy talent. I mean damn. These are the kind of young ladies that deserve your undivided attention, all at once, which is kind of just an overwhelming mindfuck in itself. They are all living rich, as well. Keep your eyes peeled for that overhead rolling videocamera shot of their fucking palace. I still look back fondly on my days as a college undergrad, and those times I’d get the invite to swing by to run train on a sorority’s toast bar. For those that don’t know the ‘toast bar’ was essentially a fat stockpile of every kind of bread, bagel, snack, ‘n crunching muthafucking munchie you could ever want. It was all I could do to not stuff my face like a starved ganja-eyed fiendish fuckboi, but when in Rome–or at the toast bar, am I right?

God only knows what kind of setup we’re looking at for that Arizona Alpha Phi’s ‘toast bar.’ That ecstatic and vaguely irritating enthusiasm you see emanating from Jake Paul is 100% legit. Look at the women that surround him. Look at them man. Some bros have all the luck.

[H/T: College Weekly]

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