University of Kentucky Police Officer Fired After Entering Student’s Dorm Room

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A few days ago he posted a video to YouTube refusing to let a police officer enter his dorm room at the University of Kentucky. The denial of entry caused quite a heated confrontation. After being posted on Reddit and here on BroBible, it quickly went viral and sparked a debate around the web about how Fourth Amendment rights for search and seizure apply to dorm rooms. Now we hear that the University of Kentucky has fired the officer for “inappropriate physical contact.” Here's the story via WBRB:


A University of Kentucky police officer has lost his job after what was called “inappropriate physical contact” with a student.

That's after the UK student posted a video of police searching his dorm room.

UK Police Chief Joe Monroe says in a statement that Corporal David Thompson had violated several university employment policies.  Thompson had been with the UK Police Dept. since March of 2006.

In the video, you can hear the student confronting the UK police officers, using profanity, and calling the officers names.

The officers tell the student they're waiting for a supervisor and are there to investigate liquor being poured out of his dorm window.  The student tells officers it wasn't him, and that's when one officer says they have “administrative rights,” referring to the right to search the dorm.  That officer pushed the student back from the doorway.

According to the student housing guide, UK personnel may enter a dorm without permission for maintenance, inspections, emergencies, and when a violation of University policy is taking place.

Eventually the officers made their way into the room.

Can I see your warrant please?

We don't need a warrant.  My foot is dead right now, I just can't move it. I can pave that road


In case you haven't watched the video, do so here: University of Kentucky Student Records a Heated Confrontation with the Police In His Dorm Room. According to a report filed on, the firing “had nothing to do with the officer's entry into the dorm room.” Via:

Blanton said university policy allows a police officer to enter a room if he believes there is suspicious or illegal activity; however, the firing was based on inappropriate contact and had nothing to do with the officer's entry into the dorm room.


So, specifically, what was the cause then? No word on what happened to the UK student. We'll let you know if we hear anything.

So… Now we ask this: Who's the winner here? 

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