This University of Maryland Sorority Girl Probably Shouldn’t Have Put This Racial Slur On A 21st Birthday Cake

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Uh-oh. A PR bruhaha is a-brewing in College Park. Tonight tipsters sent us an Instagram pic of a birthday cake with an extremely offensive racial slur. We’s told it’s from a sorority member’s 21st birthday at the University of Maryland. Our anonymous tipsters also tell us that the pic is making the rounds in UMD Greek life circles, including on the popular anonymous college gossip app, YikYak. Here’s a screenshot that was picked up on other blogs:


Yik Yak


Yik Yak

Here’s the pic in question. It was taken down on Instagram but a few screenshots are still circulating in outrage… 



In case you missed the racial slur:

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The outrage has already started on campus, according to the blog PulseFeedz, who originally broke the story:

Chandler Perry, a student at the University of Maryland, told us that she discovered the photo on her Instagram feed under the Explore tab and was infuriated by what she saw.

“I was so baffled that 77 people liked it and none of those 77 people told her it was inappropriate,” Perry said.

Samira Jackson, vice president of the Black Student Union, also expressed dismay at the photo on her respective Instagram page and called for President Loh to respond.

“I didn’t know it was okay for white people to say n*gga now? Who knew?”

This concludes your evening cautionary tale to not be racist and/or never post anything stupid on social media. Actually, just don’t be racist. Period.

Just think, dammit.


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