University of Tennessee Suspends Fraternity, Because Pouring Hot Sauce on Pledges’ Genitals Is Kind Of Fucked Up

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If you thought fraternities at the University of Tennessee couldn’t out do butt chugging you were wrong, because the UT chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha attempted to best the act of pouring alcohol directly into your asshole. Solid work, gentlemen.

According to WBIR

Student life officials launched an investigation into the UT chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha after receiving a complaint from a concerned parent.

UT documents show the hazing involved paddling and pouring hot sauce on the pledge’s genitals.

UT officials say the fraternity wasn’t supposed to be admitting any more members, but a dozen students were trying to gain entry. Ten students denied the hazing, but two admitted it after initially denying it.

What’s more shocking than the hot sauce being poured on these kids’ junk is that someone actually told their parents about it. I don’t know how you would even begin to broach that conversation.

[H/T: WBIR via @SladeHV]

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