Here’s Vice’s Short Documentary on Segregation in Alabama’s Greek System

It's, of course, a supremely fucked-up reality that many of the taxpayer-supported houses on Old Row don't generally accept African-Americans. It's wrong, and the university, hopefully, is taking steps in the right direction to fix the problem. 

There's a nagging feeling, though, that the focus of this film—John England aside—isn't really on the right people. According to Alpha Gamma Delta whistleblower Melanie Gotz, the vast majority of sorority members wanted to take England's granddaughter. They were stopped by an alumni system that will not allow black people in their beloved sororities, and a secretive organization called the Machine that pulls the strings in Alabama's student government. The documentary focuses on things like a… beginning-of-the-semester pool party, and not, you know, the real, systemic reasons why segregation still exists.

I hope enough people of the year 2013 will fix this issue. They just need to beat back their shitty alum system first.