Is This The Most WTF Story About Boobs Ever Written In A Freshman English Class?

by 5 years ago


Freshman English courses are meant to weed out the literate from the illiterate and the weird from the “Wow what the actual fuck.” I never had to take Freshman English since I’m a fucking genius, but I was a TA for it once and WOW, some kids should just NOT be in college. If you can’t handle writing a warm-up paper that’s only a paragraph in length, you should probably consider saving all that money you’re wasting on tuition and train to be a plumber or something. They make good money, or so I hear.

One example of “Wow what the actual fuck” would have to be this story, posted by Redditor rpeg, who says that it’s a story from last year’s Freshman English course that his girlfriend is required to read. Maybe she’s stuck reading it as an example of how NOT to write? I can’t say, but all I know is that if you write like this chick does, maybe it’s time to stop writing…forever.


[H/T Reddit, image via Imgur]

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