I’ve Never Felt More Poor Than Looking At This $67 Million NYC Mansion With An Entire Spa Floor

I lived in what might qualify as an ‘Upper East Side Mansion’ for about three years. Not too long after college, me and five roommates/friends rented a 7-bedroom townhouse on 80th and Lex which our friends casually referred to as the ‘Fratirement Home’.

That place was f’n amazing. We had a backyard in the UES which is virtually unheard of for someone in their 20s in New York. What’s even crazier is our backyard shared a fence with Madonna. We were literally backyard/garden neighbors. Two doors down lived James Lipton, the host of Inside the Actors Studio who was famously parodied by Will Ferrell on Saturday Night Live.

Our palatial Yorkville/Upper East Side brownstone was amazing but it was nothing compared to everyone else living on our block, and the houses only got nicer and more over-the-top as you moved West towards Central Park and down towards the 60s. I caught a glimpse of some of our neighbor’s homes at times but I never saw anything quite like this listing.

This house has 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 6 floors, a 3-story atrium, and everything else you could ever imagine:

This $67 million mansion can be found at 12 East 63rd which is between Madison and 5th Avenue, just a half-a-block away from Central Park. This 6-floor palace has an ENTIRE FLOOR dedicated to spa treatments because I guess someone realized at some point that they didn’t need any more than five floors and it would be better to bring the spa into their home than walk a full block to the spa each day.

This listing is currently being handled by the Richard Steinberg Team via Douglas Elliman Real Estate, the latter of whom found me my last apartment in SoHo. You can click here to see the full listing which includes photographs and contact details.