Airline Worker On TikTok Shares Some Tips For What To Do If Your Flight Is Cancelled

Airline Worker Shares Tips For What To Do If Your Flight Is Cancelled


  • An airline worker on TikTok recently shared some valuable travel tips for when you are flying.
  • She explained how to get rebooked on another flight as fast as possible if your flight is canceled.
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Traveling can often be very frustrating, especially if you are flying. These days it can be made even worse by the staff shortages that seem to continually pop up, causing flight delays and cancellations.

With that in mind, airline worker and travel blogger Natalie (@adventuresofmattandnat) recently shared some valuable tips on TikTok for what to do if your flight is canceled to get you back on your way as quickly as possible.

“Always Google ‘Bill of Rights’ with the airline name,” she explained. “It will let you know what your rights are as a customer and what kind of compensation you would get for being on the tarmac for an hour, or if maybe you’ve been in the airport for five hours, what you get for that.

“Another tip is to download the app, the airline app … you’ll probabaly get up to date notifications more than the airline employees.

“Also, for a cancellation and you booked through a third party like Expedia, Priceline or a travel agent, usually the airline will roll you over to the next available flight.”

Airline worker on TikTok explains the best things to do if your flight is canceled or delayed

“Now if there’s a delay, and you like miss a connecting flight, you need to call who you booked through. Whether that was like American Airlines or or Expedia or Priceline, when you need to talk to somebody always call who you booked through. Trust me. I don’t want you waiting on hold for like five and a half hours and they’re like, ‘sorry, there’s nothing we can do, you booked it through Expedia.'”

And finally, her last tip is to use the website

“It tells you where your plane is at in the sky,” she explained. “Is it on its way? Is it not on its way? … You can kind of gauge ‘am I going to be delayed today?'”

@adventuresofmattandnat Delayed or Cancelled Flight? ✈️ Tips & Tricks from an Airline Employee! #traveltipsandhacks #traveltips ♬ original sound – Matt and Nat

Also, in case you were wondering, she also explained in another TikTok video, how to best use

@adventuresofmattandnat Reply to @akmuller2 how to use FlightAware ✈️ #traveltips #traveltipsandhacks #traveladvice #travel #travelhacks ♬ original sound – Matt and Nat

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