Antonio Brown Shows Off His 12-Bedroom Miami Mansion And Sick Sneaker Collection

Antonio Brown

Getty Image / Brett Carlsen

During the NFL offseason, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown lives down in Miami in a 12-room mansion covered in gold and marble. It’s the exact type of palace you’d expect one of the best wide receivers in the NFL to live in. The place is packed full of every modern luxury you can imagine. Antonio Brown‘s also got one of the sickest sneaker collections around.

For the latest episode of Complex Closets, Antonio Brown welcomed Joe La Puma and a video crew into his house where he showed off his 12-bedroom mansion as well as his Yeezys, Balenciagas, and rare Air Jordans. Actually, most of this video is focused on Antonio Brown’s completely over-the-top rare sneaker collection. He’s got some shoes you legitimately cannot purchase. Rare sneakers where there are only 3 or so pairs in existence”

Antonio Brown actually has two houses in the Miami area (and one in Pittsburgh) and they were set to film at one location but Mr. Brown switched it up at the last moment. This Miami mansion has a synagogue INSIDE of the home. When asked why he chose to buy a house with a synagogue inside of it his response is ‘I’ve got a lot of Jewish friends and a synagogue is where you bless up’…Sure, we’ll accept that answer.