For Only $525 A Month, You Could Live In This Sweet Apartment With A Toilet In The Kitchen

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Have you ever been cooking dinner and had the sudden urge to take a dump, but didn’t want to leave your food unattended? Or perhaps you were fixing a sandwich when you realized you really need to bathe right now! If either one of those are true then have we got the apartment for you!

This apartment, located in St. Louis, which comes with a combined kitchen slash bathroom is one of the weirdest home layouts you will ever see.

Posted on Craigslist, this setup is somehow legal, according to the general manager of S.F. Shannon Real Estate Management LLC, the company that rented the apartment and calls itself “lodging specialists offering unique experiences in St. Louis.”

Unique indeed.

On the plus side, the building is located in the city’s very popular Central West End, so it’s got that going for it, which is nice.

It wasn’t always legal, however.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

…the Building Division inspected the unit on Dec. 22, 2015, and issued a violation letter, saying it did not comply with current code because it lacked a separate bathroom, “and a kitchen with both a stove and refrigerator.”

The owner of the property, which, frankly could be described as a top-of-the-line prison cell, appealed the decision and in 2016 St. Louis’ Board of Building Appeals approved the rental of the apartment, as well as several others on the property which do not have kitchen sinks. Something the board said they needed to add the next time they do any “major improvements” to the building.

So much for the old saying, “Don’t shit where you eat.”

Yes, yes it is.

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