Apple Sold More Watches Than Every Swiss Watchmaker COMBINED Last Quarter

by 3 months ago

apple watch 2017 sales

Less than 3.5 years after announcing the Apple Watch as the next chapter in Apple’s story, the company sold more watches in a single quarter than every other Swiss watchmaker combined.

Reporting estimates suggest that Apple sold approximately 8 million watches during 2017’s holiday quarter. Those 8 million watches are twice what Apple sold in the previous quarter and roughly 1.2 million more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry.

While watchmakers like Rolex and Omega offer a high-end luxury product with a smaller targeted audience the Swiss watch industry as a whole shares a market with Apple’s watch. So, it’s interesting to see Swiss watch sales only vary 1.3 million or less from quarter-to-quarter while Apple a massive range from 2.7 million to 8 million. Pretty insane to see over 40% of 2017 Apple Watch sales occurred during Q4, but promising that Apple saw a 33% growth in sales compared to 2016 Q4.

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