Applebee’s Is Offering $1 Margaritas For ALL Of October And Twitter Is Already Hammered

I went to Madison Square Garden last night for a Knicks preseason game (I know I know, shush), and I paid $24 for two beers. I told myself I would only drink alcohol on football Sundays for the rest of October. And then I stumbled across this Applebee’s promotion and I flip flopped by stance faster than you can say ‘Eatin’ good in the neighborhood.’

To celebrate “Neighborhood Appreciation Month,” Applebee’s will be offering “Dollaritas,” their one dollar margaritas, for the entire month of October, Food Beast reports.

The news brought out some laugh out loud comments on Twitter.

This one legitimately made me spit out my Chili’s food:

Applebee’s you are a blessing. And I hope you are recovering nicely after this burn.

[h/t Food Beast]